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Workout Ideas

Here’s a couple of workout ideas from Coach Bilal if you can’t make it into class, are travelling, or just need some inspiration.

Upper Body Strength 1 set A1. KB & Stick Carry x 200-400M

3 sets B1. Stick / DB Hammer Curls x 15-20 B2. Stick / DB Skull-crushers x 15-20

3-4 sets C1. Rope Pull x 40M C2. DB Bench Press x 12-15+

4-5 sets D1. Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown x 8 D2. Rear Lateral Raise x 8

5 sets E1. Yates Row x 5-7

Lower Body Strength 2-3 sets A1. Walking Lunges x 30-40M (use object of choice to add weight/resistance (e.g. DB, stick, KB, sandbag, etc.))

3-4 sets B1. DB Step-ups x 10 / leg (select a box height that allows for knee to be lined up with hip crease) B2. Sandbag Squats x 20+

1-2 sets C1. Sandbag Carry x 200M

5 sets D1. Ab Wheel x 5 D2. Broad Jumps x 5

5 sets E1. Back Squat x 3-5

Obstacle Strength Carry Medley 3-5 sets, 20-40M of each A1. Sandbag Shoulder Carry (Left Side) A2. Sandbag Shoulder Carry (Right Side) A3. Farmer Carry A4. Sandbag Carry

Stamina – Quick & Dirty 5 AMRAP A1. Sandbag Squat x 5 A2. Sandbag Carry x 20M

Stamina For Time: A1. Assault Bike x 30 cals A2. Vertical Toss x 20 A3. Ball Slam x 10 *aim to finish under 5min **rest as needed, repeat 2-3 times

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