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June '21 News & Updates

Welcome to June!

Summer officially starts this month and to kick us off with a bang for the season, we are happy to announce that we will be moving some of our classes OUTDOORS! Read on to find out more.


With the recent re-opening plans announced by the Ontario government, we are pleased to announce that we will be moving to a hybrid class schedule that includes both virtual and outdoor classes. This hybrid class schedule will only begin when the government officially moving Ontario into Stage 1.

The projected date is currently Monday, 14 June 2021. We will notify you when the change will take effect. Until we move to the hybrid model, the schedule on Mindbody will only be available until the 13 June '21.

It will be updated as more information becomes available. For existing members, when we do move to the hybrid model, please note the following:

  • Equipment must be returned within 48 hours.

  • If you do not have ANY personal equipment at home, we will work with you to find a solution.

  • You are still required to sign up for all classes you wish to participate in, whether virtual or outdoors.

  • The booking window to reserve or cancel your spot in a class will close 35 minutes prior to the class start time. If the window has closed and you need to change your booking, please call us on 905 812 5240.

  • The no-show policy will automatically be voided IF a class is moved from Outdoors to Virtual.

Class Changes:

  • The 6am classes will remain virtual.

  • The 12pm, 5:30pm, and 7pm weekday classes (excl. 7pm on Fridays) will be outdoors.

  • The 7pm Friday evening class will remain virtual.

  • The Saturday 10am and 11:30am classes will be outdoors.

  • NEW virtual classes are being added at 6pm, from Monday to Thursday. These will be either Mobility or BodyWeight classes.

  • Outdoor classes are named Stamina – Outdoors (V) and Strength – Outdoors (V)

  • More classes will be added as demand increases. We have the ability to safely run up to 4 outdoor classes (2 at the front & 2 at the back).

Outdoor Classes - Weather Dependent:

  • If the weather is not favorable, a decision will be made at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the class to move to a virtual setting.

  • You will be able to see this change on your booking in the FreeRun app (click on Profile). The name of the class will have changed, for example, from “Strength – Outdoors (V)” to “Strength – Virtual”.

  • A notification via the app will also be sent out to alert you to the change.

  • You will still receive a link via email for all outdoor classes 35 min prior to the class start time. You can ignore the email if the class remains outdoors. However, if the class is changed to virtual, and you still wish to participate, use the link in the email as you normally would.

To help you better understand what the June schedules will look like, we have included both scenarios in this month's class schedule available for you to download. Click HERE to get a copy of the schedule.

For all membership inquiries, please email or call +1 (905) 812-5240.

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