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Movement Minute - Chair Flow

This quick chair flow is designed for the modern-day desk worker. Sitting for long periods not only causes muscular tension but can also lead to feelings of fatigue, affecting mood and productivity levels. Sprinkling in small amounts of movement in the day is extremely affective when it comes to combating the above symptoms.

Movement Minute with Coach Jenn

The first exercise is designed to wake up the spine, moving back and forth from an arched to a rounded position.

The second movement will help to relieve a tight or compressive feeling that can accumulate from the base of the neck to the tailbone. Move slowly with this one, focuses on pushing the hips back and allowing the chest to drop between the arms reaching parallel with the floor.

The final movement is ideal for those that struggle with symptoms of sciatica, that can be further aggravated from sitting. Use your chair for support as you focus on shifting the hips back, sitting back and down into a one-legged squat position.

Best advice would be to get up from your desk a few times throughout your workday to do these three movements. The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your workspace to get in some quick and effective movement!

For all inquiries regarding mobility, movement rehabilitations, or assessments with Coach Jenn, please contact us at or 905 812 5240.

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