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Freerun Opening News!

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Hi all.

The day has finally come and Mississauga can move into phase 3. 😊 So with that said, our first official opening date will be Tuesday, 4th August.


  • If your membership is currently on hold, your membership will continue to be on hold for August and will only be re-activated if/when I receive notification from you that you wish to resume it.

  • All memberships will automatically resume in September unless I receive notification from you that you wish to cancel or remain on hold.

  • Our 30 day notice policy to cancel will be voided for August but will be re-instated from September 2020 onwards.

  • Any memberships that have been cancelled from 17 March 2020 onwards, but are resumed before 31 December 2020, will be resumed with the same pricing plan you were on at the time of cancellation. The admin fee will be voided too.

August In-Person & Live Stream Class Schedule:

I’ve attached an interim class schedule which will be for August 2020. Things to keep in mind:

  • there are minimal online classes scheduled at this time which is due to staffing, more will be added as soon as possible

  • we are closing on Friday afternoons at 1pm to make time for deeper cleans and electro static sanitisation provided by professional services

  • we are closed on Sunday’s also due to staffing limitations

In terms of staffing limitations, as some of you know, this past week Ernesto resigned from his position at Free Run. Whilst I have already begun the process to look for a replacement, these are big shoes to fill. As soon as we hire a new staff member and get that person up to speed, we will be able to add more Live streamed classes and resume our full operating times and days.

On Demand Workouts:

During these past few months, we have created a library of at-home workouts which you will be able to access through your Mindbody account. We have recently added a feature to our Mindbody system that will allow us to have these on-demand workouts available for you as an added bonus to your membership. This library feature will also be made available on our Free Run app once our developers have deployed the update to the app, which is scheduled to happen in August. I will let everyone know when this happens

Framework for Re-Opening Documentation:

See below the link to the following documents for your review:

* * the latest version of FreeRun Framework for Re-Opening & Operating in a Covid-19 Environment. PLEASE READ this before your first visit to familiarise yourself with how we are operating during this time **Mississauga’s mandatory face covering by law information sheet **Mississauga’s mandatory face covering by law exemptions information sheet

Pre-Register for Classes:

As I mentioned previously, moving forward, you will need to pre-register for your class or open gym time workout. This is explained in more detail in the Framework pdf. You can do so via the app or through Mindbody via the web.

HERE is the link to Mindbody online.

DOWNLOAD APP  for Android Devices.

DOWNLOAD APP for IOS devices.

To link your existing account to the app, the best way is to go the “Forgot Password” route, using your email address to reset the account.

Please note if you have a child(s) in the system, and you have used your email for their account too, you may be taken to their account instead when you first login to the app. If this occurs, please let me know and I will sort it out directly in our system.

On a final note, when we re-open, Personal Training will also resume so those of you that wish to continue with your training, can reach out directly to your trainer. Personal training can be in person and/or via video conferencing.

On behalf of myself and the Free Run team, we look forward to seeing you after all these months! And as always, if you have any questions or queries, please let me know.

Warmest regards, Lena Gallagher

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