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Small Group Training in Mississauga


We provide hands-on training in a small group training format to ensure you receive the attention and accountability you need to achieve your goals. All our classes are scalable, so if you are an absolute beginner, a professional looking for a new edge or anything in between, we have the tools and skills to help do fitness different.

Join FREERUN and Transform Your Body and Mind


We provide hands-on training in small groups to ensure that you receive detailed attention to get you to your goal. Get started by learning about our  some of our classes listed below.



Burn body fat, boost endurance and push your boundaries! Learn to find and challenge the appropriate pace. Great for a quick full body blast!

We optimize endurance and cardio capacity by working on both aerobic and anaerobic zones by focusing on one of these aspects in each class. 



Get stronger, build lean muscle and challenge yourself! Build skills and strength that carry over into day to day life. Emphasis on technique, variety and intensity!

We use both conventional and unconventional methods, scaling movements and difficulty to cater to each individual's ability and experience.  


Training days are split into upper, lower or full body workouts. All levels welcome.


Obstacle - Level 1


Led by our resident Spartan SGX certified instructor, our level 1 classes are great for people who are new to obstacle course racing! 


You will work on building strength, conditioning, core, grip, coordination, and more. Everything you need need to complete an obstacle run, either for fun or competitively. Classes are run on a real obstacle course enabling you to train a safe and controlled environment...without the mud!

This class is ideal for beginners however, all levels are welcome. 

Obstacle - Level 2


This 75 min class, led by our resident Spartan SGX instructor, builds on the skills and abilities covered in level one. Taking things up a level, both in difficulty and complexity, these classes are a great way to challenge and prepare for the OCR season.


Ideal for experienced OCR athletes.


Specialized Classes

With a focus on different areas, such as Ninja technique, boxing technique and footwork, racing, running, etc, these classes vary in format and availability. Check the schedule regularly to see if the class you want is running!



Learn the fundamentals of boxing technique in these hour long classes led by our certified boxing instructor, Coach Rohan. Not only will you learn correct striking techniques, you will also learn proper footwork, improve striking power and strength, improve your endurance and overall body strength.


Ninja Jam

Learn the fundamental skills of becoming a Ninja Warrior. Great for first timers or veterans looking to improve their overall ninja skills and strength. All levels welcome.

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Improve the capacity of your joints to handle stress whilst learning the movement skills you need to improve performance on the gym floor and every day life. Great for anyone needing to improve mobility, flexibility, and for those experiencing injuries, or niggling aches and pains.

Online Videos

Prefer to train at home for now?

We've got you covered.

Check out our latest home video workouts from our personal trainers.

Heard enough? 

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